maandag 23 maart 2009

GDC2009 has started!

The first lecture I attended was by Austin Hill, founder of Akoha. He had a pretty exiting talk about their game for social change. The game consist of card that give the player real life assignments. The player gets points or completing the assignment and putting a video of on the web.

How it's played:
The assignment can be “give someone a book”. Then the player gives or sends someone a book for this other person to read en with it gives the other person the assignment card. The receiver of the book is now a potential player. He can look up the other videos that came out of this assignment, or even that specific assignment card, and has to use it again on someone else.

Social Change
The goal of the game designers is to design a game that is both commercially interesting and at the same time changes the world for the better. All assignments encourage social change.
To solve some obvious problems the mechanic is built so that everybody can add cards or whole decks. People will be able to design a set of assignments that addresses their own target-group, charity or event. This means that every player can become a designer and will be facilitated by the game company.
This also means that this game can adapt itself to every audience and can be of value to nearly seemingly every cause or goal.

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