donderdag 26 maart 2009

X-form rules @ GDC

In a sponsored meeting Pieter Albers and Diederik Groesbeek from Xform, both DVTG alumni where on stage to tell about their new kartgame an their experience with shockwave games.
Although they where the youngest at the table, they seemed at least as experienced as the others. (and their game looked by far the best)

I especially love the part where the moderator asked why they made 3D games instead of the cheaper and faster developed 2D games. Everybody nicely answered that it game more compelling player-experiences, better turnover and conversion rates and so on, then Diederik grabbed the microphone and said [and I rephrase]: sorry, but we just really like making 3D games better, we always have. Its just more fun. So even when we make 2D games we set-up a 3D pipeline and render it all out.

This seemed a superficial argument, and knowing Diederik it maybe was (sorry D. ;-P) But it reminded me of a talk yesterday by Kellee Santiago from thatgamecompany about managing a small creative team. Rule number one was: If the team doesn’t love the game, it will suck.

In short: They did great on stage, they have a great little company going and it showed.

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